Eat Like You Care: Buffalo Cauliflower “Wings”

cauliflower wings

Football fans eat roughly 1.4 billion chicken wings during the Super Bowl. Unfortunately, this comes at quite the cost for chickens worldwide. A farmed chicken’s life is not a life worth living. More chickens are raised and killed for food than all other land animals combined. Birds raised for their flesh are bred to grow […]

Finding Grace

Finding Grace

Lead with Grace. That is my new tag line. For me, this means to meet each and everyone with love and kindness. My journey to plant-based eating has been a roller coaster.

Eat Like You Care: Vegan Foil Dinner

Vegan Foil Dinner

Is it the end of the week and you have a fridge full of veggies that if not eaten tonight will likely go bad and end up in the trash (or in our case… in the animals’ food dishes)? We have all been there! This has led my family to one of our favorite dinners… […]

Eat Like You Care: Taco Tuesday

Taco Tuesday

Who doesn’t love Taco Tuesday? Today, I’d like to share my personal favorite recipe. No specific amounts of the ingredients is required, add ingredients as you like to fit your taste buds. Throw it all in a bowl, toss and enjoy! It does not keep well in the fridge as it gets pretty soggy! But, […]