Sponsor Penelope

$30.00 / month

Penelope was rescued in late June from a heartbreaking situation. She was a victim of severe neglect. Penelope was never given proper veterinary care, healthy food, and love. We rescued her and brought her to the safety of the Sanctuary. Penelopeโ€™s neglect has left her with a life limiting injury to her right shoulder. She spent a week at UW, and her care team determined Penelope was not a surgical candidate. We have brought this sweet baby home for palliative care. She is currently on 3 different pain medications and is getting around like a champ! We love seeing her out and about enjoying the green grasses of the sanctuary. We donโ€™t know how long we will have with this sweet, kind, and loving soul, but we are committed to walking along side her until her last breath! Penelope will need a minimum of 3 sponsors to cover her medications and feed monthly. Please help us give Penny the best life we can offer her!

Your sponsorship of Penelope will help us ensure that she has the necessary medications to keep her comfortable, enough healthy food to feed her belly, medical care when needed, and a warm place to sleep at night. Penelope enjoys sharing with her friends. So, if there are extra funds leftover, we will use them to help care for her friends at the Haven. We will send you periodic updates about Penelope. (delivered to your email inbox)

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