Sponsor Odin

$30.00 / month

During the December 2019 Cricket Hollow rescues, Odin lead an escape with Freya. The tiny and frail sheep spent the next three days hiding in fields, thickets, and sheds. Fortunately, a Manchester farmer corralled the pair in his barn and Alison and Danny rushed the sheep to the Anamosa Vet and brought them to their forever home at the Haven. Odin will need the gentle tenacity of our volunteers. He is frightened by humans and shudders at every sound in the barn. Freya is his steadfast companion and always offers comfort. After a month of hearing the soothing voices of volunteers, he has begun to peek out from behind Freya.

Your sponsorship of Odin will help us ensure that she has enough healthy food to feed her belly, medical care when needed, and a warm place to sleep at night. Freya enjoys sharing with her friends. So if there are extra funds leftover, we will use them to help care for her friends at the Haven. We will send you periodic updates about Odin (delivered to your email inbox).

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