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From: $10.00 / month


“Barn Empress”

The August derecho leveled a peafowl enclosure in rural Cedar Rapids. For weeks, neighbors called the Haven seeking help with the Peacocks and the Peahens. Peafowl often roost in high trees and were very elusive. Finally, on December 31, 2020, we were called about a lethargic freezing peahen who was warming by a dryer vent. Our rescue team wrapped Millie in a blanket, sought veterinary care and gave her a warm stall for her quarantine. Millie adopted our large barn as her domain. She roosts in the rafters, takes dust baths in a sandbox, cohabitates with the goats, and explores the yard.

Your sponsorship of Millie will help us ensure that she has enough healthy food to feed her belly, medical care when needed, and a warm place to sleep at night. Millie enjoys sharing with her friends. So if there are extra funds leftover, we will use them to help care for her friends at the Haven. We will send you periodic updates about Millie (delivered to your email inbox).

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