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Boston was born in spring 2021. “Boz” was found to have a serious abdominal hernia. Luckily, he was rescued and fostered by a Story County family who boarded horses. We welcomed Boston to the Haven shortly after his first surgery and has since had a follow up procedure. While recovering, Boston has charmed his way into our hearts. He loves to play in kiddie pools, roll in mud and flop over for belly rubs. Boz will grow to be a kind and loving GIANT. We are honored to be his family.

Your sponsorship of Boston will help us ensure that she has enough healthy food to feed his belly, medical care when needed, and a warm place to sleep at night. Boston enjoys sharing with his friends. So if there are extra funds leftover, we will use them to help care for his friends at the Haven. We will send you periodic updates about Boston (delivered to your email inbox).

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