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$30.00 / month

Bea aka “The World’s Best Belly Flopper” was picked up by Cedar Rapids Animal Control in the summer of 2018. They knew that instead of incarceration, Beatrice needed tender care at the Haven. She was nearly blind from “morbid obesity,” had skin infections, was in dire need of a balanced diet, and craved wide open spaces. Bea bonded with Hercules while working to get in shape. Her weight was so extreme that veterinarians from the Anamosa Vet Clinic and the University of Wisconsin were unable to spay her due to her weight. Now, she is on hormone therapy to tame her heat cycles until she is healthy enough to have surgery. Bea eats a special feed that will help her lose weight and get healthy. Miss Bea hopes to be on the farm version of the Biggest Loser — she thinks that Bob Harper is darn cute.

Your sponsorship of Bea will help us ensure that she has enough healthy food to feed her belly, medical care when needed, and a warm place to sleep at night. Bea enjoys sharing with her friends. So if there are extra funds leftover, we will use them to help care for her friends at the Haven. We will send you periodic updates about Bea (delivered to your email inbox).

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