Finding Grace: Why I stopped eating animals

Lead with Grace. That is my new tag line. For me, this means to meet each and everyone with love and kindness. My journey to plant-based eating has been a roller coaster. As a child, I decided to give up red meat. It was difficult living in a home where I did not do the […]

Mini horse emergency

Friends, we had an emergency come up last night and are expecting a big vet bill. Can you help with a donation? Finnegan, one of our mini horses, suffered through an episode of “choke” last night. ——————- WHAT IS CHOKE? Choke is a condition in horses in which the esophagus is blocked, usually by food material. Although […]

Eat like you care: Vegan foil dinner

foil vegan dinner

Is it the end of the week and you have a fridge full of veggies that if not eaten tonight will likely go bad and end up in the trash (or in our case… in the animals’ food dishes)? We have all been there! This has led my family to one of our favorite dinners… […]

Why I volunteer…

Everyone volunteers for a different reason. Every time I do, its for a different reason.  Sometimes it’s a social component. I live alone and spend a lot of my time alone. Not that there is anything wrong with that. Through volunteering I have met all types of people with various backgrounds. But we all come […]

Eat like you care: Taco Tuesday

Who doesn’t love Taco Tuesday? Alison, Hercules’ Havens Executive Director wanted to share her favorite go to recipe. No specific amounts of below ingredients. Adjust everything to your taste buds! Throw it all in a bowl, mix it up and enjoy! Just a note, it does not keep well as it gets pretty soggy! But […]

Around The Haven – 06/18/19

Another productive day at the Haven! Mary, Nicole and I started out the day with food prep. Lots of yummy greens this week! After food prep I spent some time taking treats around for the boys and girls.  Tess was a bit of a diva and wanted all the apples for herself. Bailey, Bob, Benny […]

The Three Little Pigs

This is the story of Hercules’ Haven and the three little pigs… On June 4th, a couple of pigs were spotted on the southwest side of Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapids’ animal control agents were sent to catch them (because they were running loose, but also because pigs are not allowed inside Cedar Rapids city limits). […]

Sometimes we don’t have a happy ending


This post is difficult, but it’s important. Today, our hearts are broken for a pig we never had the chance to meet. On our way home from purchasing hay for our animals, we noticed a small, motionless shape in the middle of the highway. Before even slowing down and stopping, we knew what we’d come […]