Hercules’ Haven is a forever home for farm animals and capacity is based on available winterized shelter, available pasture, available quarantine space, available staff/volunteer time and available monetary support.

We give priority to admissions for farm animals referred by local shelters, partner rescues, and to rescue animals from industrial farms. Intake decisions will be made by the Haven’s Executive Committee (Executive Director, President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer) and may include deliberation by the Board of Directors. 


We will not participate in rehoming situations unless deemed by the Board of Directors that the situation is dire. We must ensure people understand that animals are not disposable to be thrown out or given away when someone is finished with them. Animals are a lifetime commitment. We will help and assist with rehoming situations by helping them to find ways to keep the animal or assisting to find a suitable home. By encouraging the owner to take ownership of this process, we hope that an understanding of this commitment will be realized.

Paying for Rescues

We will not pay to rescue an animal. Paying to rescue an animal perpetuates the cycle of animal exploitation by directly funneling money to the agricultural practices that are harming the animals in the first place. In dire or unique situations, the Executive Committee may make an exception.

Animals with Special Needs

Many of the animals at Hercules’ Haven have special needs, requiring a lot of space and caregiver resources. We can only commit to new animals as we can provide for them. We must weigh the sustainability of the Haven and the needs of the existing residents.

Admission Process

When surrendering an animal, individuals, agencies or organizations will provide:

  • Name, species, and descriptive information of the animal preferably with photographs.
  • History of the animal and previous care information, and reason for surrender.
  • Any special healthcare considerations for the animal and care instructions.
  • The contact information for the animal’s veterinarian.
  • Any legal or medical documentation for the animal.
  • Signed release form.

Animal Surrender Application

Please complete the application form below and click submit to send. Note, submitting an application does not guarantee that your animal will have a home at the Haven. We can only accept animals if we have space, financial and volunteer support.