You did it! You helped Hercules’ Haven cross the 2020 finish line.

Happy New Year to You, friends, fans, supporters, and volunteers. You were with us when we welcomed new rescues. You mourned when residents crossed the rainbow bridge. You mobilized when a storm devastated the property. You sustained us when Covid restrictions cancelled fundraising events. It takes a village to run a farm sanctuary, and thanks to You we have a global village. Thank you for being part of our community.

As the year closes, we hope you will consider making a “Year End Gift” to Hercules’ Haven. Your gifts will help the Haven grow a kinder and more empathetic world. The impact is real! Your gifts MAKE A DIFFERENCE!

$25 – feeds 17 pigs for a day
$30 – one day’s hay for the farm
$100 – resident medications for one month
$150 – insures the farm for one month
$250 – pays for mini pig hoof trimming every 6 months
$275 – one week’s animal medical bills
$300 – heats and cools the residents for 1 month
$400 – maintains and improves property and equipment for one week
$450 – feeds the whole farm for a week

As we close 2020, help us celebrate, commemorate, and say, “Goodbye.”

We said goodbye to . . .

  • Sunny a kind and playful kitty
  • Willy the one-eyed kitten fighting feline leukemia
  • Hermione who suffered a septic infection she could not fight
  • Finnegan – beloved mini horse who battled a constricted esophagus for several years.

We welcomed . . .

  • Four chickens liberated from a factory farm where their families were being gassed by the thousands because of Covid… farms were closing
  • Two chickens, one a special needs rooster who lost a leg, rescued from a horrific hoarding situation
  • Sophie — a lamb rejected by her mother destined to be killed because the farmer could not take the time to bottle feed her
  • Justice – piglet left to freeze to death in tragic winter semi accident
  • Magnolia – born to Momma Rose in April
  • Willow – piglet who broke a femur jumping to her freedom from a transport truck
  • Tempeh – energetic kitten who loves to spend her days hunting hair ties
  • LB – kitten that survived his tail being burned to the point of needing amputation due to horrible abuse
  • Elton – piglet who survived after being electrocuted, just for being small
  • Shelby – Great Pyrenees rescue puppy from Oklahoma
  • Sawyer – potbelly pig rescued from a hoarding farm

YOU helped us SURVIVE . . .

  • Covid shutdown and restrictions
  • August derecho storm with 140 mph winds that damaged the roofs of all our barns, demolished our quarantine barn, destroyed all of our shade trees, and smashed both barn doors on the horse barn, and the large door on the pig barn
  • Severe injuries when elderly horse Ginger bolted through a fence

We built and added . . .

  • Renovated our Chicken Barn
  • UTV, tractor, cattle trailer, horse trailer and manure spreader
  • Added pig apartments and increased the size of the pig pasture by 10X

Farewell 2020 and welcome 2021!

As we look forward to closing this year, we want to make a promise to YOU. YOU helped us survive this year’s tumultuous storms and pandemics and because of you, we were still able to save many lives. We promise in 2021, with your support, we will save many more lives. We will continue our efforts to educate the public about animal cruelty and factory farming atrocities. We will continue to advocate for a more compassionate cruelty free way of life. We will welcome groups from all walks of life including those who are underprivileged and who suffer from mental illness, and different cognitive and physical challenges. We need YOUR help. Let’s enter the year 2021 with a positive VIBE! Your gift today will help us welcome 2021 with the confidence we need to save more lives!

Donations can be made with these easy links . . .

Venmo: Hercules-Haven
Paypal: [email protected]

With gratitude,

Alison Stone
Executive Director