This is the story of Hercules’ Haven and the three four little pigs…

On June 4th, a couple of pigs were spotted on the southwest side of Cedar Rapids. Cedar Rapids’ animal control agents were sent to catch them (because they were running loose, but also because pigs are not allowed inside Cedar Rapids city limits). The pigs also became “Internet famous” briefly after local radio station Z102.9 posted about them.

What originally was thought to be two pigs turned out to be three young pot belly pigs. Because the city of Cedar Rapids’ municipal animal shelter is not set up for pigs, they reached to Hercules’ Haven for help. We, of course, preferred that the pigs be sent to a sanctuary like the Haven… as opposed to a farm where they might ultimately be used for food.

The three little pigs โ€” one girl and two boys โ€” are now settling in at their new home, Hercules’ Haven, and are waiting for veterinary appointments this next week.

All of the pigs will receive wellness exams and vaccines and will be spayed/neutered. The pigs will then spend the rest of the lives surrounded with love and compassion here at the Haven.


About a week after we were able to rescue the first three little pigs, their sister was also found roaming around Cedar Rapids. She has now been reunited with her three siblings at Hercules’ Haven!

How can you help?

Taking in four pigs at one time is going to be a challenge, but it’s one we are up to… and we hope that you are too! Vet appointments are estimated to cost at least $750 ($50 per pig for vaccines, $225 for a spay and $175 per neuter). We’ll also need increase our food and supplies purchases to give these little pigs everything they need for a happy life! Can we count on you to help? You can donate here.