Sometimes we don’t have a happy ending


This post is difficult, but it’s important.

Today, our hearts are broken for a pig we never had the chance to meet.

On our way home from purchasing hay for our animals, we noticed a small, motionless shape in the middle of the highway. Before even slowing down and stopping, we knew what we’d come across… a pig that had fallen off of a truck and was lying in the middle of the road.

Our director, Alison, and board member, Barb, stopped the truck and quickly jumped out to try to help him, but it was unfortunately too late. Earlier today, this pig was packed into a truck with hundreds of others to ultimately be sent to slaughter. For reasons we do not know for sure, he instead ended up falling off of a truck toward the pavement and passing cars where he died.

Before he ever had the chance to experience love and compassion, his life was over. We don’t know exactly where he came from. We don’t exactly where he was going. But we made sure that someone treated him with dignity, even if it was after his life had ended.

We named him Gabriel and his final resting place will be here at Hercules’ Haven. We hope that his spirit will live on among the animals that have found safe haven here, and that his memory will be a constant reminder to our supporters, our volunteers, and to every visitor that most farm animals in Iowa are not treated with love and compassion… and that is why our work is important.

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