Another productive day at the Haven! Mary, Nicole and I started out the day with food prep. Lots of yummy greens this week!

After food prep I spent some time taking treats around for the boys and girls. Tess was a bit of a diva and wanted all the apples for herself. Bailey, Bob, Benny and even Chompers were able to sneak in for a few treats. For those new to the Haven, Chompers and Boots were rescued from a petting zoo and really enjoy all the open space and choosing who they let give them scratches. It was just in the last month that Chompers has decided I get to be one of his humans. I must tell you; it feels special knowing he feels safe around me. Hopefully Boots will get there too.

In the last week the Haven has taken in three pot belly pigs all around four months old. The first was a little girl who is now named Iris. Second came her brother who is a little stockier, but the same color and then came their brother a few days later. (Names coming soon!) These three siblings are still adjusting to their new forever home and people, so we have all been spending time socializing with them. Iris is warming up and will come to you to get her special treats. She will gently take the treat from your hand. The third sibling to arrive really wants the treat and is working on the courage to trust again and will come just out of arms reach. The second boy well he is still apprehensive about getting close. Not that you can blame them, who knows what these little loves went through before coming to their new home? Haven Hero’s will continue to work with them to show them that they can trust in humans again.

The day ended with cleaning up the after the horses, goats, mini’s and Juno. This may not be as glamourous as giving treats and scratches, but it is needed to ensure they have a clean and happy place to run around. Juno wanted to “help” and made opening the gate and getting the wheel barrel in without her escaping fun! She also decided to offer “help” by standing right over where you were raking. There were a few breaks to give her some much-needed scratches.

There are several other projects going on throughout the week, including the pig palace getting up and running for the mini’s, picking up from the storm, chicken coop cleaning etc.